What in the world is a drop?

A drop is a message or a photo that you leave at your current location.
 Other people can see drops you leave behind, and you can discover drops near you.

Show You Care

Place a love letter for your
 significant other to be found
 in a special place.

Leave Your Mark

Let the world know you’ve been
 there by leaving a drop behind for 
others to discover.

Have Fun

Hide drops for a scavenger
 hunt, connect with others, and
 discover drops near you.

Connect With Others

Leave a note for that mysterious
 stranger you noticed waiting
 for the train.

Share Your Secrets

Publish your deepest, darkest thoughts anonymously, and see if others near
 you share your feelings.

Find Locals

Plan local meetups, share news
 with others in your area, and
 chat with other locals.

Share Privately

Nothing you share has to last forever, and you don’t have to drop or comment as yourself. You can share drops only with your friends,
 or choose to post anonymously, and all drops fade away eventually.

  • Leave drops only your friends can see

  • Use stamps to create anonymous drops
  • Choose how long before your drop disappears

Keep It Local

Want to plan a pickup game with your friends? Have something to sell that
 you need picked up? New to the area, and need some local tips? Everything
 on dropdrop is centered around location, so drops are relevant and timely.
 Discover and share drops with those around you.

  • Choose the size of the area that can see your drop

  • Talk directly with people near you
  • Give tourists the scoop about things only locals would know